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Sleepless Town

I call this picture the sleepless town. This is the picture which I took back in 2011 Dec in Tokyo. I always wanted to visit Japan and that was my first trip to Japan. I still remember that night clearly, it feels like just happened yesterday..

That night was extremely cold because it was winter with rain shower. I remember I came out from the train station and was walking to the hotel.

I came across a padestrian bridge crossing the railways. I paused on the bridge and looking at the trains passing by underneath. I was carrying a tripod and a Canon 5D mark ii DSLR, attached with a EF 24-105 F4 prime lens. I took my tripod and camera out and started taking long exposure pictures of the trains passing by.

There were three routes, two on both sides heading to the train station and the one in the middle departing from the train station. I was standing on the bridge hoping to capture a scene when three trains passing by at the same time.

The longer I stand there the colder I am. My body started shivering after 45 mins of waiting. Eventually I concluded there would not be three trains passing by at the same time. However, I was determined to get the shot I wanted.

I noticed the lighting condition from the surroundings were very stable. Lights came from street lamps and buildings. Hence, I came up with this idea by taking several shots of trains passing by regardless of route. So I setup my camera with the same settings on the tripod. Then I would stitch multiple pictures with the perfect timing from each train together by photoshop. I might not be returning to the same spot again. That was my last chance to create the picture I wanted. I could not afford a mistake so I took as many pictures as I could.

Returning from the trip, I brought all the pictures back to Hong Kong. Because I was still living in Hong Kong that time. Loaded the pictures into my laptop for post editing. Selected few pictures with the best timing, cut out the light trails and overlapping the pictures together.

I printed out the picture and brought the print back to Malaysia. Now displaying the picture in my home.

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