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Create Something New Every Day

Recently I have been watching videos from a YouTube Channel called The Futur. The videos are educational and very interesting. Most of the videos are talk or live stream with audiences. They talk about social medias, design, how to negotiate with the clients, how to set your pricing, how to set your beliefs and mindsets, they have role plays practice based on scenarios. This channel runs by a team and led Chris Do. From the videos you could see that Chris is an extremely experienced designer and he is also very good in the business. In this channel, I could see a lot of artists, designers, and developers have been struggling in the business side. Chris and his team are teaching and sharing the knowledge and skillsets to help the audiences which are easy to understand, practical and we could apply it immediately.

There was a quote in one of the videos which really inspiring.

You may click the thumbnails below to view the pictures.
So I committed myself to make a least one post in Instagram. The content has to be quality content. I have been doing this consistently for one week. It feels really good because I am creating something new every day and is fueling my passion for creativity.<br><br>

Is not practical to post video daily on YouTube because obviously making a video requires a lot more time and effort. Instead, making a post on Instagram is a lot easier and practical. So I have been spending around 30mins first thing in the morning before I go to work. 20mins shooting pictures and 10mins post editing before posting on Instagram.
I have been shooting pictures of my cameras by using this macro lens, a 60mm F2.8 USM EF-S mount macro. Reason to use a macro lens because it allows me to get very close to the subject, focus and capture the details. I will not able to do that with a normal lens because it doesnt focus within short distance. 
Lets make an interesting carousel post on Instagram. You can see the behind the scene how I create the pictures. Hopefully I could inspire you for some creativity.

Instagram lets you post up to 10 photos in carousel. Since 10 is the maximum number so I am going to fully utilize the 10 photos. Usually I would shoot 12 to 15 photos and pick only 10 photos.
The idea of the post is to guess what camera. Normally I do not want to reveal camera on the first 8 photos so I would start taking pictures of close-up. Mostly focusing on the dials, buttons, knobs, lens and textures. Then I will start showing the camera more on the 9th photo. Eventually reveal the full camera on the last photo.

This macro lens doesnt have image stabilization. But I would still shoot on a tripod even with image stabilization. We need to get very close to the subject so even a tiny camera shake will have a big impact on the picture.

The other thing I normally do is shooting the subject by different angles for diversity. Otherwise all pictures would probably look the same from the same angle. Dont be lazy, adjust the tripod up and down, move your self left and right, observe how the lights reflected on the subject, think about the composition and use a reflector to light up dark areas.
Once I have the pictures captured, I transfer the pictures into my laptop and do some post editing in lightroom. I keep my post editing to minimum. I only some minor adjustments on the curve, exposures and crop. Thats it. 

Eventually I transfer the pictures into my phone and I post into Instagram.

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