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5 Reasons To Print Photos

I have shot a lot of lifestyle pregnancy pictures of Maisy for the past few weeks. I have photographed the pictures with film cameras and digital cameras. I do print out some of the pictures which I really like.

I was born in 1983 before the digital world. I still remember how the pictures were taken with film cameras when I was still a child. We took pictures with film camera, we send the film to lab and collect the negatives and prints after few days later. There was no smartphone, no internet and no social medias. The only way to see and share the pictures was by the actual prints.

You may click the thumbnails below to view the pictures.
I think I am lucky enough to experience the 3 Eras. the analog era, the transition from analog to digital and the digital world that we are currently living. Because of that, I would still appreciate printed pictures.
Let me tell you 5 reasons to print out the pictures.
First of all, a printed picture is more than a temporary pixels on a screen. Your print out the picture, it is a memory you can hold, you can hang it on the wall or frame it for your desk. It is a physical memory that last.

Secondly, you get different experience with printed pictures.
Consider the difference in the way we normally experience between digital and printed photographs. Most people snap the pictures with smartphone, share it on social medias, expect some comments and likes. You could easily go back to the social medias to scroll for the past. That is pretty much you could experience from digital pictures.
When you printed out the picture, you have a physical print. I have some prints displaying in my house. Obviously, I love all the pictures that is why I printed out and Every picture tells a story. Friends and families who visited my house would have the chance to look at the display. One of my friends saw the pre-wedding picture in our room and said that he didnt know we went to London and took pre-wedding photos, even though I have uploaded the pictures on social medias.
In the digital world it is easily scrolled past or swiped away and forgotten forever. But a printed image has a bodily existence, it becomes part of your world as something physical. That is the experience with printed pictures.
Third reason is to share the pictures with your non-digital friends
I know that in the modern world, everyone is expected to have a smartphone and social medias. But my parents they dont have smartphone, they dont surf internet and they dont have social medias. Or some people that you do not want to give access to all your Facebook photos. Printed photos is the best solution. You could select the pictures to be printed out and share the pictures at a family dinner or reunion party.
Forth reason, printing pictures is extremely easy
When you have the pictures in digital format, it is super convenient and extremely easy to print the pictures. Get a compact printer, connect you phone or laptop and print the pictures instantly. Or just upload the pictures into online website that provide print services, and you will get the prints deliver to you without any hassle.
Last but not least, it feels satisfying when you are holding and looking at the physical prints. I could really feel myself associate more with the actual prints because I shot the pictures or I was part of the picture. It feels interesting to look at the pictures printed on beautiful papers, it feels fun and it is almost becoming an addiction for me.

That is my sharing about printing pictures. I do hope that people will continue shoot with analog cameras and continue to print the pictures. I think that is the ultimate photography experience.

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