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US$32 Film Camera and Print

I bought this camera from Hong Kong back in May 2019. This is a Nikon SLR camera F70.

I used to live in Hong Kong. I am a Malaysian, my wife Maisy is from Hong Kong. Even though we have relocated back to Malaysia since 2017, we still go back to Hong Kong regularly to visit our family and friends.

Hong Kong is having a challenging time now due to conflicts in democracy, politically and socially. Hong Kong is definitely a wonderful place because of its unique history and culture. We have family and lots of friends living in Hong Kong. Is a beautiful city and it has lots of unique elements for creating interesting photography. Lets pray for Hong Kong. I believe Hong Kong will restore peace very very soon.

The Nikon F70 is a mid-range SLR camera introduced by Nikon in 1994, I bought this camera body for HKD250, which is equivalent to USD32.

This camera is 25 years old but the condition is quite well maintained. Everything looks perfect, the body looks good without any scratches, no sign of deteriorate on the plastic components nor the handles and the viewfinder looks clean. It seems like quite a good deal for camera body like this.

I shot a roll of film with this camera. The film I used was Fujifilm ISO 200 with 36 frames. And here are the prints.

You might notice some difference on the prints compare to my previous videos because I usually print with glossy papers but this time I am using luster papers.

Here are the 3 pictures when I was making drip coffee. I love to drink hand-crafted coffees and I also enjoy making my own coffee. The picture color tone is a bit warm because of the pendant lamp and reflection from the wooden table. The film speed is ISO200 so is definitely not fast enough for the indoor condition like this. I used very slow shutter speed like 1/15 or 1/30. For self-portrait when I was pouring hot water into the coffee, I shot on a tripod and with self-timer.

Next, the second set of pictures. Maisy is pregnant now. We are expecting our first new born child on January 2020. When I was taking these pictures, she was having the first trimester. We went to a local government clinic for pregnancy checkup. I requested her to take a picture beside the car. All of a sudden she was feeling nausea and I was able capture the moment.

And we have also taken some pictures of the kittens. We have three kittens which belongs to the same cat mother. The cat mother is actually a stray cat living at the back lane of our house. One day the cat mother came to our house asking for food. She looked tired and starving so I fed her. After feeding her continuously several days later, she brought all three kittens into our backyard. Then we started taking care the kittens by feeding them food, de worm them and just let them stay at our backyard. The three kittens are Marie, Charlie and Milo. Last week, Marie and Charlie were adopted by a young couple so now we only have Milo.

This camera is using Nikon F mount and it supports auto focus lens. I have used 3 different lenses to take the pictures. The 35mm which is auto focus lens. I have also used manual focus lens, the 35-70mm F3.5 to F4.8. Most of the pictures were taken using the 35-70mm.

I have a very good user experience with this camera. Is a bit confusing with the buttons, especially how to enable some of the functions and adjusting the settings. Once you have read the user manual, the camera will become very easy to use. User manual can easily get it online by google search. You just have to read the manual before using this camera.

My favourite about this camera is the auto focus indicator. It has a dot indicator which you can find it in the viewfinder. The dot will appear when you are in focus, otherwise if you are out of focus, the dot will not appear. Very simple feature and extremely useful when you are doing manual focus.

Nikon F70 is really a good camera and I had a wonderful user experience with this camera.

You may click the thumbnails below to view the pictures.

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