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Received A Medium Format Camera From eBay

Recently I received an email from an agency in Tokyo, Japan. The agency gave me a collaboration proposal with an eBay seller. The deal was the eBay seller sends me a film camera, I make a review video about the camera and I keep the camera.

The seller is Yasuyoshi Shimura. You may visit his eBay shop for film cameras. Seller ID: seri7012198

Shimura-san sent me a medium format camera, Mamiya M645. He was so kind and included a roll of film in the package. After I received the camera, I could instantly start shooting with the camera.

The camera comes with a interchangeable lens, Mamiya Sekor-C 80mm F2.8. It supports shutter speed from bulb mode to 1/500 sec. The finder and the screen is interchangeable. The camera requires a 6 volt 476A battery to power the shutter. There are different types of finder, some finders come with light meter. But the finder that comes with this camera does not have light meter so I used external light meter to meansure the exposure.

The reason why the camera is called M645 because it uses 120film and it captures pictures in 6 x 4.5 format. Everything is manual control in this camera. I have to adjust the focus manually, set the shutter speed and apreture manually.

It is a heavy camera because it weights about 1.4kg (around 3lbs) The film I used was Fujifilm Fujicolor ISO 400. The pictures I shot covered portraits, cats and skyscrapers like Twin Towers. Here are some of the pictures which I shot.

Overall, shooting with this camera is enjoyable because it is very solid and reliable. However due to its weight and bulky shape, it is not practical if you are carrying while traveling in long journey.

Dont forget to check out my YouTube vlog about this camera.

You may click the thumbnails below to view the pictures.
Cat portrait, shot with Mamiya M645

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