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I bought my first Marshall headphone last year. It was the best & most satisfied headphone I have ever purchase. The sound quality is amazing, the sensation of touching the headset & the leather, the softness of the headphone covering my ears, overall experience is extremely amazing.

I think the way they market their product is so cool. They have some tattoo hand holding their headphone printing on the box. Beautiful, simple & cool looking cover. When I was shopping for a new headphone, the Marshall just standout from the rest of the brands and caught my attention immediately.

My daughter baby Hayley is seven months old. She is so curious with my Marshall headphone. I took out my Canon 5D Mark II, attached with a EF 50mm F1.4 lens and shot a few pictures of baby Hayley and Marshall headphone.
I shot the pictures in our bedroom. I shot all the pictures in F2.8 because I wanted the shallow depth of field to separate the subject with the background. Although I could go up to F1.4 but I kept it F2.8 because I did not want to overdo the bokeh effect.
The next Marshall product that I am planning to buy will be a Bluetooth speaker because Im not very happy with the sound quality from my Philip Hi-Fi.

I am posting some pictures in this page. Do follow me <a href=>_cklim</a> and Baby <a href=>Hayley</a> from Instagram for more interesting pictures.

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