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Previous Image The picture was taken from the vegetable farm.<br><br>

The picture was taken from the vegetable farm.

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I have not used this camera for very long time, somehow there was some mechanical issue and it was stuck after few shots. So I was only able capture 5 pictures. 
The film I used was Kodak 400 color film. Here are the pictures that I want to share.
We had a road trip to Cameron Highland, it took us around 4 hours drive. We stayed there for 2 nights. We visited the BOH Tea farm. This is the picture from the hill side. Where you can see visitors are walking up to the hill. 
Second picture I took this shot of my mom, Maisy mom and Maisy in front of the BOH tea factory.
The following picture is a truck in the BOH team farm. This type of truck is very common in Cameron Highlands. Probably because there’s lots of off roads and is lot easier to travel with this type of truck.

The picture was taken from the vegetable farm.<br><br>
We also went to local farms, I took this picture from a strawberry farm. The strawberries in Cameron Highland are smaller and a bit sour compare to northern countries such as Japan. I have been to strawberry farms in Japan, and their strawberries are huge, sweet and super delicious. I believe Malaysia is not a suitable place for planting strawberries. However we do produce delicious Durians and we are proud of that.
That's all the pictures I have. I believe I cannot use this camera anymore because of the mechanical issue and the lens is stuck. I can't detach the lens. That is the common problem with old cameras. We have to maintain the old cameras by using it frequently or send it for servicing.

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