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US$32 Film Camera Nikon F70 & Film Prints

The Nikon F70 is a mid-range SLR camera introduced by Nikon in 1994, I bought this camera body for HKD250, which is equivalent to USD32. This camera is 25 years old but the condition is quite well maintained. I shot a roll of film with this camera. The film I used was Fujifilm ISO 200 and here are the prints in Luster paper. Usually I printed with Glossy paper so is my first time using Luster paper.

Nikon F, F2 and F3, which is best film camera?

I have all 3 Nikon most icon cameras, Nikon F, F2 and F3, which is best film camera?

Minimalist Pregnant Break

Bringing my 5 months pregnant wife Maisy and my mother to have a short break at a cozy minimalist resort in Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang state of Malaysia. The resort is called The Acres 一畝田.

In this video, I shot film pictures with film camera Nikon FM10. The pictures will be shared in future vlogs. For digital images and videos, I shot with my wife Canon EOS M6. The first generation of M6, not the M6 II.

Canon AE-1 Film Prints from Japan Trip

I am showing you the prints which I have taken from my Japans trip back in January 2019. I shot the pictures with Canon AE-1.

How To Stop Buying New Camera?

Do you notice you have a behavior of constantly searching and buying new gears and cameras? If you have the behavior, I will tell you how to stop searching and buying new cameras

Travel For Food In Japan

In this video, we moved from Kyoto to Osaka. We visited the New Kobe Shabu Shabu and the Brooklyn Roaster Company for coffee. The next day our friends Aki and Mayu brought us to Nara to hand-pick strawberry. In the evening we went to have drinks and grilled food. We had second round at Namba for Puffer fish sashimi (Fugu).

My 36th Birthday with Canon AE-1

I have just celebrated my 36th birthday in Kyoto, Japan on 17 January. Reason is because Kyoto, Japan is one of my favorite places that is why I wanted to start my first day of 36th year old in Japan.

Kyoto Sight Seeing With Canon F-1 Film Camera

Some of the places in Kyoto, Japan have been granted UNESCO Heritage sites. Kyoto still have lots of buildings, temples and Shrines from the Edo period. In this vlog, I photographed Kyoto by using analog camera Canon F-1, with 28mm F3.5. The film I used is Fujifilm Superia Premium 400.

Fujifilm Superia Premium 400 with Canon F-1

Have just come back from Osaka, Japan and in this video I am talking about my first experience using the Fujifilm Superia Premium 400. I shot with this film on Canon F-1 film camera and FD 28mm F3.5 lens. I will show you some prints taken with this film and also compare with the cheaper Superia Xtra 400.

Broken Nikon FE
Showing you the prints which I shot with Nikon FE.

Shooting Paddy Fields with Canon F-1
Visiting the beautiful paddy fields in Sekinchan. I shot pictures with my Canon F-1

Got A Film Camera Mamiya M645 From eBay Japan
Just got a film camera from eBay Japan. The Mamiya M645 Medium Format film camera. I have shot with a roll of film and sharing with you on the prints.

Expensive Mistake Shooting Film
Expensive mistake shooting with film. 12 frames of film but I only got 4 frames correctly exposed because I accidentally advanced unexposed frames. Mamiya C3 is a tank but my camera has faulty frame counter, it always show ZERO in the counter even if you have advanced the film.

Bangkok Film Prints From Canon AE-1
Sharing the film prints which I shot in Bangkok with Canon AE-1.

Rabbit Island In Japan (20170616)


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